Our Sponsors

We'd like to take a moment to thank some of the sponsors that help make everything we do possible. With their support, and the support of people like you, we are helping save lives every year.

Kerry Donner Perlman

Chris Amundson

Washington Ski Touring Club
Health Warrior
Masins Furniture and Interior Design
Northwest Asset Management
Stifel Nicolaus
Kamas Realty, Inc
Selkirk Partners
The Patchios Family
Ralph and Lisa Hoard
Lakeview Mortgage
RKK Construction
Taylor Family
Ed and Marna Pettigrew
Wolff Defense
Jason Flynn and Eastdil Secured
Broderick Group
Heavy Restaurant Group
John Muscatel Family
Steve Miller
John and Emily John
Marlene Burn's Family
Flynn Financial Group
Cactus Restaurants
eDiscovery Inc
Benjamin Small
The Flynn Family
The Helms Family
The Fedman Family
The Glassburn Family

Support Safety

None of this is possible without your support. We now accept donations through a secure PayPal site to help protect you.

Help Save Lives Today

Are you a corporate donor and would like to become one of our featured sponsors? Or are you a member of another non-profit and would like to join forces for a project?

You can get a hold of us here.


Of course our foundation isn't the only organization doing great things for our community. Here are some of the other great foundations we work with.