About the Foundation

In pursuing our mission of promoting safety and in saving lives, we have established a series of FREE workshops to the public, given numerous scholarships to ski patrollers and to mountain risk management personnel to advanced skiing and snowboarding safety workshops, and donated safety equipment and money to worthy recipients.

We have been fortunate to have had the support of the the Alpental and Mission Ridge ski areas and many fine ski patrollers from those ski areas.

Free Safety Workshops

The Foundation, in conjunction with the Association of Professional Patrollers ("APP") has formed an informal coalition with the ski patrols at the Washington State ski areas of Alpental, and Mission Ridge to give free structured awareness workshops on skiing and snowboarding safety. The first mountain safety workshop was given in 2009. It was entitled Basic Mountain Safety and emphasized the Skiers’ Responsibility Code, avalanche awareness, rescue techniques, tree well and deep snow safety, basic first aid, and reporting procedures. This workshop was presented once each at Alpental, and Mission Ridge and was very successful.

As a result of our 2009 success, in 2010, we offered two new free workshops at Stevens Pass, Alpental and Mission Ridge. In addition to the Basic Mountain Safety Workshop given the previous year, we presented workshops on Intermediate Mountain Safety (Avalanche Awareness) and Companion Rescue: Proper Beacon, Probe and Shovel Usage. The latter was limited to 8 participants per workshop. Initially, we scheduled a total of 15 workshops but added three more of the Proper Beacon, Probe and Shovel Usage workshop because the first five filled almost immediately. The last three filled as well. In total, over 175 people signed up for our workshops, which was far more than we had expected.

In 2011, the Foundation again offered its three workshops: Basic Mountain Safety, Avalanche Awareness, and Companion Rescue. As in the past, all three workshops were given free to the public at Stevens Pass, Alpental and Mission Ridge. They were a great success. A total of 20 workshops were given and over 250 people signed up for them.

In 2012, the Foundation repeated the three free workshops it offered in 2010 and 2011 and added a new one: Avalanche Terrain Observation. 22 workshops were conducted at Stevens Pass, Mission Ridge and Alpental, and a total of 344 people signed up for them. The Companion Rescue workshop was taught eight times, the Mountain Safety workshop was taught five times, the Avalanche Awareness workshop was taught eight times, and the new workshop, Avalanche Terrain Observation, was taught four times.

In 2013, the Foundation offered the four workshops: (1) Basic Mountain Safety, (2) Avalanche Awareness, (3) Companion Rescue and (4) Avalanche Terrain Observation. They were again offered at Stevens Pass, Mission Ridge and Alpental and a total of 232 people signed up. This was less than the 2012 signups, but lack of snow at Alpental and Stevens Pass throughout most of the early season certainly had a detrimental impact on our signups. The advanced classes were always full. In view of the weather, however, we certainly had a successful year.


The Foundation has granted major scholarships for qualified ski patrollers to attend the ISSW Annual Workshops. Those workshops are presented consectively in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

In 2008, the Foundation began granting scholarships to local ski patrollers to attend courses and workshops to advance their skills. That year and every year since, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to ski patrollers to attend the APP patrollers certification classes. We have also granted scholarships to local patrollers to attend the week long International Snow Science Workshop ("ISSW"), which concentrates on skiing and snowboarding safety. We have awarded scholarship to the instructors to attend avalanche safety training (Level 3).

In 2013, we awarded two scholarships to highly qualified ski patrollers and risk management managers to attend the ISSW week-long workshop in Europe.


The Foundation sponsors numerous other safety organizations whose work supports the Foundation’s mission. These include, of course, the APP and the ISSW. In addition, we have made donations to the American Avalanche Association, the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center, Alpental B.A.R.K. (avalanche rescue K-9s) and Sevens Pass B.A.R.K. Additionally we have financially supported the Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association and the National Ski Areas Association in their production of safety videos and other ski and snowboard safety efforts.

In 2014, the APP presented its Seventh Annual Risk Forum, which presents current risk related issues in the ski industry. Topics include falls from chair lifts, premises incidences, terrain park incidences, legilation, and much more. This year the Forum was made possible due to a generous grant by The David Pettigrew Memorial Foundation.

Donating Equipment

Our mission includes providing skiers and snowboarders with rescue equipment. To this end, the Foundation has donated Back Country Access Trackers Beacons and accompanying safety backpacks with rescue equipment to local ski patrols. The Foundation also provides beacons and backpacks for its safety workshops and has provided other safety equipment for local ski areas, including a beacon checkpoint sign and solar powered beacon charger.

David Memorial Foundation

Our Mission

The Foundation's mission is to promote awareness, safety and education for participants in outdoor recreation and sporting activities, especially in the mountains and wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest.


David's friends, his siblings, and his parents have formed The David Pettigrew Memorial Foundation, which has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.