Partners & Donations

The David Pettigrew Foundation sponsors the following safety organizations either by making donations to them, working together on safety projects, or providing scholarships to worthy individuals to attend their education workshops and classes.

The Association of Professional Patrollers. - The APP began training ski patrollers during the 1967-68 ski season. It is comprised of nearly 500 patrollers representing over 30 ski areas and resorts throughout the Western United States. The APP’s certification requires its members to pass exacting written and practical tests in a variety of areas, including: skiing, first-aid, risk management, avalanche science and rescue, and ski area safety.

The David Pettigrew Foundation partners with the APP in providing free safety workshops annually at Stevens Pass, Apental and Mission Ridge. The Foundation also annually grants scholarships to local ski patrollers to attend APP certification classes.

International Snow Science Workshop. - The ISSW is an annual meeting of professionals who work in the field of snow science and winter recreation. It is the only such conference and has been on-going since 1976. It is truly international with participants from countries worldwide where winter sports are popular, including professionals from Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North and South America.

The workshop is designed to bring together practitioners such as ski patrollers and mountain guides, forecasters who may work for ski companies, departments of transportation, the U.S. Forest Service, mining and agriculture engineers, scientists who teach and research snow science and others who participate in the world of snow. In addition, it provides an opportunity for local mountain user groups to participate in a higher level learning environment.

The David Pettigrew Foundation is a ISSW sponsor and provides scholarships to worthy Washington based ski patrollers to attend ISSW Workshops.

National Ski Areas Association. - The NSAA is a non-profit, national umbrella trade association that represents the ski resort industry in the United States. Its members include more than 330 ski areas, which entertain more than 90% of all skier visits in the country annually. In addition, its members include 34 ski areas in Canada, dozens of other ski areas around the globe, and scores of ski industry manufacturers and suppliers.

The David Pettigrew Foundation will be partnering with the NSAA on the issue of educating the public on risks associated with non-avalanche related snow emergent accidents. This is a long term safety initiative designed to educate skiers and boarders about snow emergent hazards, as well as broader research efforts to find ways to prevent these accidents and to learn how skiers and boarders can protect themselves in such situations.

This national initiative will be tremendously important to ski areas in both the United States and Canada. The initiative will include brochures that resorts can provide to guests (rental/retail shops, ticket windows, etc.), brochures that manufacturers can include in packaging, new signage for resorts to post, a video and a newly designed website to which resorts can link.

American Avalanche Association. - The AAA is composed of dedicated professionals engaged in the study, forecasting, control and mitigation of snow avalanches. Association members include qualified researchers, professional avalanche forecasters, educators, guides, snow safety officers, snow rangers, and qualified ski patrollers, technicians and specialists.

Its mission includes providing information to the public and to professionals about snow and avalanches, contributing to the professional competence of persons engaged in avalanche related activities, exchanging technical information and maintaining communications among persons engaged in avalanche activities, promoting and supporting avalanche education in the United States, and promoting research and development in avalanche safety.

The AAA provides guidelines for avalanche education to insure avalanche education is thoughtfully, consistently, and responsibly conducted. It also certifies members who demonstrate a commitment to teaching excellence in the advancement of avalanche research and education. David Pettigrew Foundation free workshop instructor John Stimberis is an AAA certified instructor and is currently President of the AAA.

The Foundation is contributor to the AAA.

Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center. - The NWAC promotes safety by helping reduce the impacts of avalanches and adverse mountain weather on the recreation industry and transportation in Washington and Northern Oregon through data collection, mountain weather and avalanche forecasting, and education. It assists a variety of snow safety and snow maintenance programs by providing and analyzing useful weather, snow, and avalanche data, and by producing and distributing a variety of mountain weather and avalanche forecast products. It also assists back country travelers by providing current information on snow pack structure and avalanche danger and by forecasting expected changes in snow and avalanche conditions.

The professional mountain meteorologists and avalanche specialists at NWAC are on duty from September through June, issuing twice daily forecasts from about mid-November through mid-April and special statements as warranted in early fall and late spring. The NWAC is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Forest Service. The NWAC also prepares annual reports each spring that provide a wealth of information on Northwest snow pack, weather and avalanches. NWAC offers various educational programs and provides an educational page on its website. NWAC is housed at the National Weather Service forecast office in Seattle, Washington at the Western Regional headquarters of NOA at Sandpoint.

The David Pettigrew Foundation donates to NWAC through the Friends of the Northwest Avalanche Center.

Alpental B.A.R.K.

(Back County Avalanche Rescue K-9) B.A.R.K. is a local non-profit dedicated to the support and training of avalanche dogs used in avalanche search and rescue, as well as generally supporting avalanche education. B.A.R.K. purchased and now manages the Beacon Basin-Transceiver Training Park at Alpental. The Transceiver Training Park is designed for side country/back county enthusiasts to practice simulated avalanche searches using their own beacon/transceiver and probe, or if they don’t have them, using materials supplied by the David Pettigrew Memorial Foundation.

The Foundation's Companion Rescue Workshop is taught at the Alpental transceiver training park.

The Foundation annually donates to Stevens Pass B.A.R.K.

Stevens Pass B.A.R.K.

Stevens Pass B.A.R.K. is similar to Alpental B.A.R.K. in that it is a local non-profit dedicated to the training of avalanche dogs used in avalanche search and rescue.

The Foundation annually donates to Stevens Pass B.A.R.K.

Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association - From time to time, the Foundation has contributed to the Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association in its efforts to educate the public about mountain safety. One specific project the Foundation is very proud of was helping to produce an animated video on mountain safety that is displayed at ski resorts throughout the Northwest and on the Foundation's website.

The Steve Buchett Memorial Foundation. - BCA Beacon Training Parks are training systems created to make it easier for recreationalists and pros to practice with their transceivers. The Mission Ridge/Steve Buchett Memorial Park features four permanent buried transmitters wired to a central control panel. To change the scenario, one just flicks an on-off switch on the control panel. Instead of digging holes and re-burying beacon all day, you spend your valuable time actually practicing with your transmitter. It’s especially useful for practicing multiple and deep burials, which usually require the most work. The Steve Buchett Memorial Foundation provides funding for maintenance of the memorial park.

The David Pettigrew Foundation annually donates to the Buchett Foundation.

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