About David Pettigrew

David Pettigrew

David Pettigrew was born September 15, 1976 he grew up on Mercer Island, Washington. He attended the University of Montana, which was only minutes away from his beloved Rock Creek where he spent many hours fly fishing. He did everything with energy and enthusiasm. He thoroughly enjoyed his work and music. He thrived in the out-of-doors and was a superb fly fisherman, skier, snow- boarder and golfer. He spent days exploring rivers around Seattle and was especially adept at sea-run cut throat and steelhead fishing on the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River and the Tolt River. David also fished extensively on the Olympic Peninsula Rivers and in British Columbia and Alberta. He served as a guide in the back woods of Alaska for a summer. David died in a snowboarding accident at Alpental Ski Resort in Washington on December 7, 2005.

He was survived by his parents, his sister, his brother, his 3 nephews, and his niece. His family will be forever grateful to the two ski patrol professionals who risked their lives that evening to locate David. David's sister and brother and their spouses each have two children. David absolutely adored them and was fortunate to hold his niece the day she was born. David loved his family, and they loved him. As Father Ryan noted in his funeral homily at St. James Cathedral:

"Dave's friends were his real career in life. He liked nothing more than connecting with people, making friends, making them happy and bringing them joy. He was interested in every person he met and found a place for them in his heart. Unlike some people, Dave wasn't a collector of material things - they didn't much matter to him. He was a collector of friends and a lover of family. He knew that they were the things that really counted in life."

In his funeral memorial, David's closest friend described David as so many of his friends remembered him:

"David's smile opened the door, opened the conversation, and most of all opened his heart. A conversation with David was an invitation, an invitation to join him in a journey to become a friend. A friend is one you can trust. A friend is one you can rely on, who is there in times of need, in times of joy. A friend is one you can call when you are down and to celebrate when you are up. A friend is proud of you for every accomplishment and sad for every loss. A friend is one that gives selflessly and willingly and asks nothing in return. There is no better friend than David to many and all."

David's family and his many, many friends miss him immensely and will love him forever...

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