Foundation Workshops

We are proud to team up with the Mission Ridge & Alpental in providing free workshops to help keep you and your loved ones safe on the mountain.

We offer 4 types of classes, Mountain Safety, Avalanche Awareness, Avalanche Terrain Observation, and the Companion Rescue Workshop.

See below for more information on each course

Important: Bring your release to the workshop

Avalanche Terrain Observation All Other Workshop

2018-19 Workshop Schedule

You can view the schedule and register here.

The David Pettigrew Mountain Safety Workshops at Alpental are conducted and administrated by Alpental. The instructors are Alpental professional patrollers. The David Pettigrew Memorial Foundation has made contributions to Alpental to support these workshops.

The David Pettigrew Mountain Safety Workshops at Mission Ridge are conducted and administrated by Mission Ridge. The instructors are Mission Ridge professional patrollers. The David Pettigrew Memorial Foundation has made contributions to Mission Ridge to support these workshops

The Workshops

Mountain Safety

This introduction workshop is designed to give you an overview of staying safe on the mountain as well as what to do if a problem occurs.

  • Safety Code
  • Trail Maps
  • Battle of the Signs
  • Avalanches
  • Beacon, Probe & Shovel
  • Medical
  • Tree Well
  • Recognizing Snow Pits

Avalanche Awareness

This workshop is designed for mountain enthusiasts who are starting to tour on their own and possibly venturing out of the ski area boundries.

  • Recognize & Avoid Avalanche Terrain
  • Understanding Layed Snow
  • Weather Indicators & Red Flags
  • Basic Companion Rescue
  • Avalanche Control Techniques
  • Boundary Policies
  • Avalanche Terrain & Terrain Maps
  • Basic Route Selection
  • Current Snow Pack Conditions
  • Companion Recovery
  • Probing, Shoveling, & Beacon use

Companion Rescue

This workshop will teach you the skills to effectively operate a rescue beacon, efficiently probe the snow to determine the victim's location and stratgically move snow with your shovel to uncover your companion

  • Beacon Fundamentals
  • Beacon Coarse Search
  • Beacon Fine Search
  • Beacon Practice
  • Overview of Probe Methods
  • Beacon Search with Probe
  • Strategic Shoveling Methods (Terracing, V-Shaped, Multiple Rescuers)
  • Putting it all Together

Avalanche Terrain Observation*

This is a follow up to the popular Companion Rescue Skills course. We will take the lifts to the top of Alpental Ski Area and head into the Alpental Backcountry for a short ski tour.**

  • Avalanche terrain recognition skills
  • Safe travel decisions
  • WAC avalanche hazard discussion
  • Avalanche rescue drill

*This workshop requires Advanced Skiing/Riding skills, the completion of the Companion Rescue Course, and touring equipment (skis or split board).

**Lift tickets or pass to be provided by the student.